Weird Transmission Problem - 92 Mitsubishi 3000GT


It’s a weird, very specific problem. My car works and runs fine at first. After a while (probably after it heats up) the transmission starts to slip and the engine stops moving the car. It starts to weaken and then after a while it totally gives out. The engine sounds fine when I push the gas, but the transmission doesn’t catch and the car doesn’t move. After it cools down for a bit, the cycle starts over and the car runs fine. Until I drive it for too long again.


I don’t know that it’s that weird a problem! You could have just worn out your transmission.

How many miles on this car?

Has the transmission fluid ever been drained/refilled?

Have you checked the level of tranny fluid? Is it black or smell “burned”?


Overfilling can cause that problem. A restricted cooler also.


Any time you get sustained slipping in an automatic transmission the oil will get overheated and eventually the pump will not be able to build enough pressure to hold the clutchs. When you allow the oil to cool, you can again get engagement until the cycle repeats. One stop gap measure is see if you can motorvate okey in drive or second. If you can stay away from the gear that is slipping (probably overdrive) you might be able to make the transmission last a little longer. Also smell the oil on the transmission dipstick. If the oil smells pungent and burnt, the transmission has been hurt. But it is most likely you are looking at a transmission rebuild.


Overfilling or restricting the cooler causes the fluid to froth, making it impossible to transfer pressure to fully engage the clutches and bands. Cooling allows fluid to settle the air out and on restart the transmission works OK… Until the repeated slipping wears out one of the friction plates. Then rebuilding is required. Correct the temporary problem before it causes a catastrophic result.