Transmission - '91 Mitsubishi 3000 GT SL

On the way to work, to lunch, and on the way home from work my car runs like a dream. (20 miles round trip)

When I run errands all day or go on a longer road trip my transmission stops working as the trip progresses. At first there?s a slight disconnect between the engine accelerating and the car actually moving. After a while longer and the car stops moving all together.

I purchased a new clutch about 5 months ago.

Does it sound like I need a new transmission or is there a different fix? (Not sure the cost of a new tranny would be worth keeping the car)

I would love any help or advice…thanks!!

[b]Something’s wrong with the clutch. And if you had it replaced five months ago, that’s where you have to bring it back to find out what’s wrong

Now that’s assuming you don’t ride the clutch. Because if you do, you’ll be replacing them very often.