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Weird ringing noise

2 minor problems as my 97 Saturn automatic transmission accelerates: 1) sometimes (of course) at the end of first gear, there is a ringing noise under the hood. 2) the transmission seems to hesitate a bit before going into 3rd or 4th gear. are these problems indicative of something that’s going to get worse?

I can’t speak for the hesitation, but perhaps the ringing could be something as simple as a loose heat shield or clamp.

Any codes showing? CEL come on? Separate warning indicator of tranny problem?

No codes. What is CEL? No indicators showing.

CEL = Check Engine light in your dashboard instrument panel. If it’s on while the engine is running, it’s notifying you that something is amiss. Most parts stores (Autozone, etc.) will read the trouble codes that your engine computer stores to give you an idea of where to start with repairs. Are your problems going to get worse? Generally, when there’s something mechanical wrong, it will get worse if left uncorrected. But your problem may not be severe yet. The ringing noise could very well be a loose heat shield under the car. Note what RPM range you hear the ringing in 1st gear, then see if you hear the ringing at the same RPMs in a different gear. If so, you probably just need to tighten a metal cover thats fluttering. Hesitation going into gear may indicate internal transmission problems, but could also just be vacuum leaks or adjustments needed. Get it to a trusted independent garage or transmission specialist, NOT an oil/lube/brake/radiator/sure-we’ll-take-a-look-at-your-transmission jiffy place.

great answer. thanks.