Weird power problem

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES. In December 2012, I drove to a friends house and when I turned the car off something happened. My automatic lock keychain (to open/ close doors and open the trunk) didn’t work. I then realized all the other stuff that stopped:

  1. Usually when I turn my car off, the headlights stay on for a few seconds before they dim and turn off… now the minute I turn the car off the headlights go off
  2. The overhead light does not come on, even when the car is running
  3. My radio channels reset every time the car is turned off (the radio does not remember pre-programmed channels)
  4. The temporary odometer (a and b) resets to 0 every time the car is turned off. The one that tracks overall mileage still works
  5. Like I said before, the keychain lock does not work
    Things I have had checked out:
  6. The battery is fine- had it checked out at AutoZone. I put in a new battery sometime in August 2012
  7. I checked the fuses on the side panel near the steering wheel- there are no blown fuses

The car runs fine otherwise- I manually open/ close the door locks and reset the radio channels whenever I go on long drives. I can’t use the overhead light- but its not a big deal. Just wondering what might be the problem and how much it may cost to fix. I figure if its not too much- I will go ahead and get it fixed.

As a second question, my car has 142k miles on it. What are the suggested guidelines for changing the timing belt on my car- is it needed at some point?

Check the fuse panel under the hood and look for a blown fuse in there. It sounds like the fuse for the memory power has blown out. It is supposed to be providing power at all times to things like the clock, radio, and other things.

Timing belts are usually due to be replaced at around 90k miles. It depends on the make. If yours has never been done I’m sure you are living on borrowed time. If it has been done then you may have some time left. I suggest you call the dealer service and see what they say the period should be.