Car clock/radio wont shut off, can I just pull out the fuse?

I drive a 2005 Chevy Classic. I’ve been sitting in my car for two hours trying to open and close my door to get my radio to shut off and it just wont. Manual says RAP should shut it off after 10 minutes but that doesnt happen either. Now I’m afraid my battery will die overnight before I can get it looked at tomorrow.

Can I just pull oit the fuse, or will my battery still drain?

The radio should have an ’ On - Off button . Just turn it off or use the menu to set the Retained Accessory Power to Zero.

If you remove the fuse , it cuts power to that circuit. So the battery can’t be drained down.


The radio will shut off but the clock stays on. I have no idea how to turn RAP to zero.

If opening a door, while exiting, ordinarily shuts off the radio and that feature has stopped working, I’d be taking a look at the door latch switch located with the door latch on the door’s end (opposite end from the hinged end). It should be a plastic piece that moves (integral) with the latch itself. Those switches sometimes begin to stick.

With the door open and radio playing, try gently moving the switch piece and see if you can make the radio stop. If so you could see about a latch/switch replacement, but first I’d try spraying the latch with a silicone lubricant as I’ve seen GM technicians recommend. Use eye protection and be sure to use the tube supplied with the spray can to direct the spray at the switch. Opening and closing the door several/many times should help work the silicone in where it needs to go.

Here’s a GM truck video that could help with a diagnosis. I believe that since this vehicle has RAP, and a complaint about the radio not shutting off when the door is opened, then your situation is similar.