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Weird noise in cold weather

I have an 08 equinox awd lt with 16000 miles. When it is cold out (22 degress or less), my car makes a scraping /grating noise everytime I go over a dip or a bump. Its coming from the front end.Its louder the colder it is. I took it to the dealer and they said “its the strut gasses moving thru the orifices of the tower”. Does this make sense? They said others have the same issue bur GM is saying its normal. My friend has an equinox too but not a LT and no problems. I am pushing to have the struts replaced but I really do not have a clue. Suggestions-thank you.

I think that it is more likely that bushings on some of your front suspension components are making the noise. The next time that you have it in for service, request that all of the suspension bushings be lubricated.