Front end rattle cause?

I have 2 2005 equinoxes. 1 has 170k miles with new struts and control arms and sway bar links and bushings and rattles like a mofo. The 2nd has 220k miles and everything is original and has zero rattle. Like night and day over bumps. Noisy one did have bumper cover removed to change radiator. But no crossbars are removed. Radiator slides out when you loosen ac condenser. Could it be a body noise issue I hear? I have inspected subframe mounts on both and nothing appears loose.

Who knows,we cannot inspect it through a computer screen.Drive to a trusted independant mechanic because I am certain he will find the problem in no time.

Maybe it’s the rack and pinion?

Could be a heat shield.

It’s a long shot but check the hood hinges. I had a rattle in the front of my 2000 Blazer that was due to the hinge bolts hogging out the holes. A set of tapered washers fixed the rattle. I was able to diagnose it by wedging pieces of cardboard between the hood and fenders at hinge locations.

Ed B

Grey suv is noisy. Blue suv is quiet. I drove blue one the other day. So quiet. Equinox has elec boost steering. Power unit is under dash. Rack has no hydraulics. I inspected rack and used pry bar on bushings/mount. Checked tie rods. There is a click sound when I turn steering wheel though. Need asst to turn wheel while I put my hand on rack. I did change steering knuckle on a former nox. Made no diff. I am fairly familiar with nox noises.

Is this a metallic rattle or a thumpy-type rattle? Thumpy might be upper strut mount.

Metallic may be a broken spot weld. That will be tough to find.

Grey has new strut assys. New mounts.
I also notice a click sound when I hit brakes.
Both calipers have the rubber sleeve caliper pin antinoise fix.
At 2mph, if I tap brakes, I get click from wheel area.
Tap-click. Tap click.
When you hit brakes, wheel is putting load on rack/tie rods?
So, blame the rack?

I compared both rigs while turning steering wheel. Blue has the same slight noise from knuckle area under dash but blue has no noise from rack area. Grey is somewhat noisy from rack area.
Steering is electric boost. No hydraulics to include drag when turning wheel. It’s basically manual steering with motor off.