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Weird noise from my car when i use the brakes

When i am at a complete stop and i lift up on the brakes i hear a loud noise from my car, and when i come to a compete stop it makes that same loud noise. It does not happen when the car is in motion, only when the car is coming to a complete stop and or about to take off. Watch this video i made to see what i am talking about. No shop has yet to figure this problem out.

The radio noise is very distracting .

Would it be possible for the OP to record the brake action sound effects with the audio system turned off?

I can’t hear/see the video, so I have no idea what it sounds like.
I know it’s a Nissan Altima, but have no idea which model year.

I would make an educated guess if I could hear it.
I would check for Nissan Technical Service Bulletins if I had a model-year.

With no other clues, I’ll start with a wild (WAG) guess and say it could be faulty engine/transmission mount components. Have those been checked?

Does it clunk, squeal, rattle, buzz, pop, whine, and is it just once per stop or a continuous sound? How would you describe the sound and is it similar to the way anything else sounds?

I wasn’t able to listen to your vdo, those are rarely diagnostic in any event; but there’s lots of possibilities. Suggest you provide the model year and configuration (automatic vs manual transmission, etc) to help others here narrow it down.

If I had this problem the first thing I’d do is remove everything from the car and trunk that wasn’t securely bolted down. Including looking under the spare tire for anything loose, like a golf ball. Stuff like golf balls can get into the rear wheel wells too, so look there. Then try the test again. Best to eliminate all that before paying money to investigate the car mechanicals.

I am terribly sorry about the video, i made a new one. I was just really tired. Ill update the post when it has successfully uploaded.

I hear brake groan at very low speeds, not unusual with cheap brake pads. The mechanics didn’t fine anything wrong because this is not a failure. If you want quiet brakes use factory parts.

Are you sure because if it were the brake pads it would make that sound when the car is in motion. I know something is not right because it seems the noise gets louder over time.

New video is up

Nobody can be sure over the internet, you have to demonstrate this to a technician. You have shown that this noise occurs when releasing the brake, does this noise occurs before the vehicle begins to move? Can you replicate this noise while releasing the brake in park?


Model-Year of this Nissan Altima, please?