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1998 Altima making a knocking sound when I brake

I’m suspecting I have a major brake repair coming but wanted to see what you all thought. It’s a knocking sound coming from the rear on the driver’s side when I brake. Usually when brakeing at a low speed. But the brakes don’t feel any different…

If someone in this forum told you–sight unseen–that there was no problem with your brakes, would you take that as an ironclad assurance that you could just keep driving without having the brakes checked? Hopefully not.

Brakes are not something to speculate about or to delay investigating when there is any question about their condition. Even if they feel as if they are still effective, that could change very rapidly. Take the car to a well-reputed independent shop and have them pull the wheels for an inspection of the brake pads and related hardware on all 4 wheels.

No of course not, but I’d like to know what I’m dealing with before I turn the car over to a mechanic.

I think it is a shock mount,sway bar,or other suspension part that a bolt is loose or bushing wore in the rear.
Have them check this area good.