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I did it!

This must be the hardest website to make a comment I’ve ever come across

Isn’t that what you just did ?
Maybe more people will have suggestions if you explain why you had so much trouble.

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I’ve tried 3 different ways to talk about my problem and 3 different it refused to print it

Harvey , you are posting now so just say what you need help with .


Hi Harvey: Volvo is right. You are making posts here. If you continue to do what you’re doing, you’ll be able to get it across. I also sent you a private message, so please forgive the redundancy if you see both.

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I am a complete computer klutz, and I have never had any trouble commenting. Have you tried a different browser?

works fine for me

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I’ve tried several and this one is by far one of the most easiest ones to navigate. I would suspect you’re having browser conflicts.

Presuming you already have an account and know how to sign into the community forum area, click “General Discussion”, or whichever category matches your question best, “Maintenance & Repair” etc, then at the top right of the page, click “New Topic”.

I think the New Topic nomenclature may be a little confusing for new members. Most newbies would think it would say “Post a Question” or something like that, rather then “New Topic”.

And there are some limits imposed on new posters. This isn’t done I presume to discourage new posters , but to deter advertising bots from gaining access to the site and disrupting the conversations.

Since the “Ask Someone” section rarely has well composed questions I decided on an experiment. From the community home page I scrolled down to “Ask Someone”, was easily able to enter all the fields. Then, as so many others that use “Ask Someone” made a statement, no question. Then followed with “ Anyone else have this problem?”. Tried it twice, it did not post. Then I tried it from the community page and selected “Ask Someone” from the category box. From there the make/model drop downs would not open, but I entered my comment and it immediately posted, but under “Maintenance/repairs”rather than “Ask Someone”.
This was just an experiment, curious how “Ask Someone” worked because of all the odd posts that show up under that listing.
So, I can see Harvey’s frustration.
Of course, we get frustrated when OPs reply to individual comments using the small grey reply option rather than the blue reply button.

Many thanks and Happy Hollidays. All I wanted to do was email a respond to a recent column. Would you know how or where I can do this? Many thanks

@cdaquila ------ Carolyn , would you like to answer the above question ?
Of course I don’t understand why someone would want to respond to some thing in the column anyway.

Hi Harvey, try here:

Btw, @Purebred, thanks for your comment above - I can’t reply at length right now but I will get to it.

WOWEE Many thanks from Arizona

Boy Howdy!

That is a lot of excitement just for a Contact reference.

Hey, he’s new here. Those of us who have been around this long may have lost our sense of holiday wonder.


An alternative, folks here tend to post comments about Ray’s blog (newspaper column) as a “New Topic” in the “The Show” category. If you click “General Discussion” top left, then you’ll see a drop down box where you can select “The Show” category.

From other posters comments here, posting in the “ask someone who owns one” category may have some technical problems. Suggest to just avoid that category.