Wear and tear on vehicles tires

So I took the rav4 22k miles and the 2017 Acadial limited 33k miles in for oil changes this week. Both the toyota dealer and the GMC dealer were like your tires look like brand new and your car looks so great. I casually said well I don’t do burnouts any more, but it seemed odd that I got the same comment from 2 different dealers, What’s the deal with that? Do people abuse their cars or what?

Just their way of saying, “Dang we can’t sell you any tires”


Meant to say wear and tear cannot correct @cdaquila edit never mind got it

You must be a gentle driver compared to what they usually see.

My wife drives a 2018 Cadillac XT5. She’s been working from home for the last 18 months so the car hasn’t had much use lately. But at 34,000 miles the tires are worn enough that I’m already contemplating replacement. I doubt they’ll make the 40,000 mile mark.

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Well I suppose I am a gentle driver, wife speeds up for stop signs, but what is not a gentle driver that wears out tires so fast?

I think my original Michelins lasted 30K before I thought they should be replaced. I think they were in the yellow not red but winter was coming.

Tire wear can depend on so many things. Road surface ( I have to use one road the could be called tire sandpaper ) - how many turns one does on expressways - number of times steering wheels are turned without moving - and lack of tire rotation .

Besides what dealer is going to say your vehicle looks like crap when they might want you to think your vehicle will bring top dollar tradein.

Given we’ll always have a subset of folks who deliberatly abuse their vehicle, I think that what’s changed is that because modern vehicles require so little maintenance, there’s a sense that they require no maintenance at all. “Check my tire pressure or tread wear? Naw, I’ve got TPMS to do that.”

Additionally, as vehicles became more capable there’s the natural impulse to test that capability. Add AWD and commercials showing SUV’s flying down unpaved gravel roads and suddenly everyone want’s to “test 'er out and see what it’ll do”.

Twenty years ago regularly checking your tires’ air pressure at the service station was a given and driving your sedan off road was considered an act of foolishness but with growth of SUVs…

The tires haven’t changed but what we do with them has.

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Tires designed for performance usually don’t last as long. We usually get around 30,000 miles, with my wife getting a bit more because she’s a pretty gentle driver. Your tire model probably traded off performance for a longer lifetime.

yes. Yes, they do. That’s a big part of why I have a job. :wink:


No performance issues on the 33k mile Bridgestone Duelar h/l, awd, great in the snow, 22k toyoyta , michelin lattitude tour h/p, both cars same tires as when we bought them, toyota great in the snow also. awd or 4wd whatever. Look like new they said!

Maybe totally unrelated, but I’ve definitely notice that vendors are making more impertinent comments these days than it seems used to be the case. Earlier in the summer I bought four 2 lb packages of cheese at the grocery store. The clerk said to me “How are you going to eat all that cheese?” … I’m serious, she really said that. So I had to explain to her that I’ll freeze 3 of the packages. Buying more cheese than you can eat within a week, this seemed to be something she felt a comment was warranted. 15 years ago I don’t think anyone at the store would have asked why I was buying four packages.

My favorite coincidences? When 2 comic strips on the same day have the same punch line. I doubt they called each other…

Gee you folks had to start talking tires and put a jinx on me. Everything was fine but I was measuring the garage and the wife was hungry so I backed out in a hurry to pick up lunch and heard some clanging. I backed right over my 25 foot tape measure, and that little end with points on it stuck right into my tire.

So the tires have 30K on them and are at 5-6/32nds. The points went in about 4/32nds beyond the tread. No leaks but I guess it is just tire time. I got 44K on my last set so it’s not the end of the world to replace before winter anyway. Ruined my favorite tape though. The kind that you could extend about 10 feet without it bending.

I power washed the floor so I was just seeing what it would take to put a PVC floor down maybe next year is all.

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Doubt we have such power, but do have some epoxy garage floor paint if you need it.

Review the inspection report, if the tires are as brand new the tread depth should be 9/32", doubt that is the case. When the tires are in reasonable condition the service writers will tell you everything is good. When the tires reach 5/32" they will tell you time is running out.

The service I use, uses a green, yellow, red format. When brakes get to yellow I start budgeting tor a brake job. They use the same format for about a dozen items including tires, but I check the tires and tire pressure frequently.

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Just to change the subject, how did that paint work out for you? I’m in my annual “what to do with the garage floor” tizzy. Keep going back and forth between PVC tile, sheet, and paint. Disadvantages on all but question whether the paint would not peel or come up. 20 year old floor.

I worked at household hazardous waste a got 4 2 gallon boxes, part a and part b. Got it for the back floor porch in the cabin and maybe basement floor. Handyman at the cabin got some other stuff he said was better, it was not. Threw a rug down as it will all need to be stripped. Have a bud with a florida room he calls it, cement floor and nothing would ever stick, as water infiltration to the room is a problem. He did a lot of prep work and it is working great. this was the stuff. It came with a bag of grit and sprinkles for on top. I thik this was it. https://www.amazon.com/Rust-Oleum-251965-Garage-Floor-Gray/dp/B003B3CD3K/ref=asc_df_B003B3CD3K/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198067685003&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1048183289405096393&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9018795&hvtargid=pla-350121736485&psc=1

That’s what Menards has. I’ll probably put it on the list for Spring. The lit said it has a shelf life of 60 months though so gotta use it up.