My '95 LeSabre and '02 Silhouette both do not blow any air out of the top vents; air only comes out at the defroster and some at the floor. I had this fixed one time but it was expensive. Can I do anything myself to repair this?


It is likely one of the doors that controls where the air flows. They are sometimes controlled by a wire cable, but most today seem to use vacuum powered controls. In either case the largest part of the expense is usually the time it will take to get to it. That usually means some nasty work under the dash. This is best suited for a flexible teenager with long thin fingers. Experience counts as it helps decide the best approach.

My guess is that since you are asking the question, you likely will wish you did not try it if you do.


Check all of the little vacuum hoses under the hood. Make sure that they’re all plugged in. Then check them for small cracks or leaks. Quite often, in the course of performing other surfaces under the hood, a line will get disconnected causing one of the vacuum-controlled hoses to get disconnected. This is especially true if you like to lay a ratchet or other tools on the outside cowel. These hoses are located on top of and against the firewall area.


This is good advice. I had the same problem on my 1978 Oldsmobile. I had a vacuum hose that was off at a little reserve vacuum tank that controls the blend doors. (I probably pulled it loose accidentally when I changed spark plugs). Take a good look at the vacuum hoses.


I once had a similar problem on my Pontiac Bonneville (92). It turned out to be a disconnected vacuum hose in the engine compartment. Pop the hood. At the firewall, between the master cylinder and the ac/heater fan, there is a black rubber vacuum fitting sticking out. It should be connected to a black plastic vacuum tube with an ?L? shaped rubber connector coming off the engine. That tube is sticking straight towards the firewall. Follow the tube and see if it?s connected to the hose coming out of the firewall. If the connection is loose or not connected, just insert the two ends together.


The LeSabre almost definitely uses vacuum to control airflow unless it has automatic climate control, but the Silouette may be electronically-controlled.


The Silhouette has vacuum controls.