Weak Air

Hello, I’m Mustard that’s because I like on just about any thing, so hence the name. I have 06 ford explorer in which the air comes out the main vents really weak! I’ve replaced the Blend Door Actuator thinking that would fix the problem but it didn’t . The blower motor works the air gets cold and hot and the defroster and floor vents is where the air comes out strong. Any advice as to how to fix it. Thanks

Have you checked the top vent tube connection to the distribution box? It might be loose. There might also be a blockage of some sort. I used to have a car with the outside air bent under the hood and near the bottom of the windshield and the cabin air filter was in the vent tube. Leaves might get in through the cabin air filter if it collapsed or is missing. I don’t know if your explorer works this way, but you might check the cabin air filter.

Sounds like a problem with the mode door.

Do you hear the motor running on different speeds? Stupid as it sounds I had a bad blower motor resistor for a bit, cooling heating worked fine at highway speeds but at a stop, fail. Ended up speeds 1 2 and 3 on blower fan were not actually working.