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Replace water pump as part of service?

I took my 2001 Honda Accord in to the local Honda dealer recently for a recall repair. The dealer informed me that it was coming up for it’s 105,000 major service. They want to replace the timing belt (which the owner manual recommends) but they also want to replace the water pump and outside belts at the same time. His argument was that since the water pump is hidden behind the timing belt and is difficult to get at you might as well replace it while the timing belt is off. Problem is that they want $250 for the taks (obviously a boat down payment). I’m inclined not to bother with replacing the water pump particularly since it’s not broken. In addition, I’m to purchase a replacement vehicle – which will be a DIESEL – in the next couple of years so I’d use it for only 30K extra miles. What do you guys think? Ask for the all-in service with water pump replacement for $1200 or without the water pump for $950?

This one is legit. Savor this comment, because you’ll rarely hear me say that about a dealership.

The water pump is driven by the timing belt, they’ll have everything opened up and be looking at the water pump anyway when they do the belt, and if the pump should go later it’ll take the belt with it and maybe even the engine. Change the pump.

But I’d do some price shopping. An independent cam save you a wad of cash for the same job.

The dealer is right, but you can have this work done by any good independent garage for a lot less. There is a lot of labor involved here, and the price of the parts is minor. So, it makes sense to replace timing belt (a MUST DO), water pump, and outside drive belt at the same time.

If you are a gambler, and many Honda owners are because the cars are so reliable, you may “luck out”; or you may not, and have a $4000 repair job on your hands before you buy that diesel

From a moral point of view, no poster here will recommend you neglect the maintenance requirements, and then foist the car off to some unsuspecting person.

Most posters insist that when buying a used car, you must get to know its maintenance history; if absent, you are taking a grave chance, because owners like you start neglecting maintenance towards the end of their car ownership.

Common practice. 105,000 of anything is a lot more than 2 or 3.

Ive heard you say this in another thread, how on earth does the timing belt drive the water pump?? And how does the water pump “take out” the timing belt when it fails? The timing belt or chain only drives the camshaft, that’s it.

As far as the original post goes, presonally I’d replace both. The dealership is right. You could live without a new water pump but you’d be risking it, and possibly overheating issues later down the road if it starts to wear out.

I’m familiar with this engine. The timing belt indeed drives the water pump, and the water pump has a sprocket to match the teeth of the timing belt instead of having a smooth pulley. If the water pump locks up, it will destroy the timing belt.

Sometimes when water pump goes it will break apart and chuncks get caught in belt and break it.
Not 100% sure but I think you have a interferance engine and if belt breaks the valves could hit the pistons,major $$$ to fix.
Ask around and find good repair shop and change pump also.

Interesting, in that case I would most definatly replace the water pump.

Thanks for all the advice chaps. For what it’s worth the dealer claimed that the water pump was located behind the timing belt and that if it did break then they would have to remove the timing belt again to replace it. The issue was the labour involved. Also I did get a quote from my friendly neighbourhood garridge who does my normal services but he actually quoted me more than the dealer (my guess is that the dealer would charge him more for the parts). The dealer quote was to replace all the belts so I guess that it’s worth doing that.
Thanks once again for your collective advice. It’s not something I would have expected (I was leaning towards not bothering with the water pumps and other belts) so I do appreciate the wisdom and will go ahead with the water pump replacement.

If you only plan on 30k more miles I would skip it personally.