Timing belt

i have a 2001 honda accord with 54K miles. the dealer said that by virtue of the car’s age, not the milage the timing belt and water pump should be replaced. is this good advice or bogus?

Good advice. Timing belts don’t last forever and can break even if a visual inspection seems to indicate it is OK. 8 yrs is about the limit for age vs miles.

Water pump, cam seals and tensioners may all need replacement. Little to no additional labor incurred/charged to have these done while the timing belt is replaced.

Definitely agree, good advice.

Check your owners’ manual recommended maintenance schedule and you’ll find a timing belt periodicity of “XX,000 miles or X years, whichever comes first”. I’m unsure of the Accord recommendation, but 8 years for a timing belt is certainly an acceptable life.

The water pump and serpentine belt(s) are a normal part of the procedure for most folks, although not everyone may agree with the water pump. I’d change it.

The cam seal and the tensioner should be looked at while the work is being done. As Jayhawk said, they may recomend replacing them.

I third it and if you check your owner’s manual you will find that it almost certainly list a time as well as a miles replacement. You do which ever comes first.

Good advice, you’re due. If you want shop some other shops for a good price. Just be sure they have done this job before and it is a competent shop.