whenever it snows my car gets a puddle on the driver’s side floor…any ideas?


close your window?

Or check the rubber seal around your door frame.


What type of vehicle do you have? Some are prone to having the cowl drains (the area at the base of the windshield) plug up with leaves and other debris.


i’m thinking the answer lies somewhere in sedona arizona.


If the puddle appears only when it snows, and not when it rains, then I’d say you are tracking snow into the car. When you get in, seat yourself with your feet still out the door, and kick each foot on the outer side of the door sill to knock off the snow.


Got sun roof?


maybe art1966 is right?? but i think cappy 208 is on to something??? nothing you can do now anyway if there is a leak , when it rains it will be very evident, i have the same problem with mine, when the weather gets better, i will take out my lawnhose and move it to different spots where the leak is.and say a prayer i will find it. it takes time- sometime you find it- some time you don’t- then i put sealer around the windshield or ck. door seal. it could be coming from anywhere. if it just happens when it snows that’s a new one on me good luck