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Water water everywhere

Hello All, I have a Lexus RX 330 from 2005. When it rains (and it rains a lot in South Florida) the front rug gets soaked. I see there are leaks in the joints of the window and windshield.

My question is do I have to bring it to Lexus or can any mechanic (recommended on this web site) fix it? And how much should I expect to pay?

Thank you for your help!!


Any reputable window place should be able to help

Safelight and like automotive window outfits should be able to take care of it.

Auto Body (Collision) Shops Can Handle This. The Leak(s) May Or May Not Be Associated With A Window / Glass Leak. Body Shops Handle All Causes Of Body / Glass Leaks.


for the windshield, go to Home Despot, and get a tube of silicone clear caulk and a caulk gun and gun a thin strip of this all the way around the weather strip where it mates to the windshield. Put another thin strip around where the weather strip mates to the body. That will solve that problem. For the door window take it to an automotive glass shop and they will replace the leaking weather strip, it should not cost over 150 bucks, and probably considerably less.

One Toyota Technical Service Bulletin On These Lexus RX330 Vehicles Covers Water Leaks Caused By Cracked Seam Sealer At A Body Seam High On The Rear Hatch Opening.

That covers rear leaks. The vehicles are referred to an auto body shop. It wouldn’t surprise me if other body metal seams leak. These vehicles have a lot of body TSBs. Body integrity doesn’t appear to be a strong suit.

Unfortunately, the DIYer could play with this for a long time.


Firstly you try to do it yourself,if you didn’t find any solution than go to mechanic…

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