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Lexus floorboard leak

Water comes into the passenger side floor board & soaks floor when it rains or during car wash. Water appears to be coming from right side foot pannel, not the top of the floor board. It’s ruining my car! it stinks and who know what damage this has done to floor boards? I dont think the Windhsield has been replaced, because it still has factory sticker. Have replaced in cab air filter also.

Please Tell The Model-Year Of This Lexus RX 330. Sometimes It’s Critical For Proper Advice.
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Check the HVAC drain and the sunroof drains. They are prime suspects for leaks onto the floor.

The padding under the carpet will remain wet unless you remove it and dry it outside the vehicle. That’s where the stink is coming from. Mold and mildew are growing in the wet padding. The floor itself is probably fine, but the padding is like a sponge, and will hold water for a LONG time.

Detailing or shop vacs can’t remove the water from the padding. The carpet has to be lifted and the padding removed from underneath. You’ll be amazed at how much water it holds.

2006 is the year. A friend and I figured out tonight that the drain hose from the sunroof has disconnected, somewhere along the door frame or the dash. We tested it with water and while the drivers side drained to the ground, the pax side only drained to the floor board. Next step is to take it somehwere so they can take all that stuff apart (headliner, side panels, and dash) and re-connect that hose.