Windshield seal crack - do I really need to replace whole windshield?

My 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor has water on the driver’s side floor board. I’ve seen lots of discussion online about this being caused by the HVAC system, but wanting to be extra sure before spending $1k on said repair, I got three different mechanic’s opinions. The third challenged the other two, because the HVAC was draining 100% fine. They found a crack in the seal of the windshield and said that’s what’s causing the water in the floor board. This explanation fits with when we see more water. Problem is I can’t find any glass shop to do the repair. All they want to do is replace my whole windshield. This seems wasteful. Any ideas for a product I could use to seal the leak in the windshield???

If the crack is large enough to be allowing water in, the entire windshield needs to be replaced. And please recognize that your windshield is a key structural part of your car’s energy transmission and dissipation path in the event of an accident. It’s a critical part of your body structure. I urge you to get it replaced ASAP.

Also, check with your insurance. Many will, depending on your state’s insurance laws, replace windshields for free. And getting it done is really, really easy. Most windshield places will send a truck to your home. Although if they tell you they need to do it in the shop to cure the bonding adhesive properly, bring it in to them.

Summary: the leak is minor. The crashworthiness to your car is major. And the replacement is quick, easy, and may be covered by your insurance. Go for it. ASAP.

Around where I live you can have that windshield, installed, for $220 + tax.

There are glass sealants in both clear and black at your auto parts store. If your windshield has chrome trim it will have to come off unless you don’t care what the job looks like.

In NH most (maybe all) insurance companies cover the cost 100%.

I had a windshield pulled and resealed but the shop priced replacing the windshield. When they were able to remove the old glass without it breaking they resealed and reinstalled it for the price of the labor and the tube of sealer. They would not price the job that way up front though. More often than not the glass breaks when pulling it out of the glue filled ledge. My windshield was in an S-10 which might be less prone to break than larger pieces of glass lying more horizontal in the car. The shop owner said he pushed the glass out using his feet while his helper ran a hot knife in the glue. Of course the reason that mine leaked was due to poor installation. The original windshield had been replaced prior to my buying the truck and the shop skimped on the glue.

In NH most (maybe all) insurance companies cover the cost 100%.

NH is one of the few states you have to have glass coverage rider in order for them to cover glass. If you don’t have it and you have to have it replaced…then you pay for it.

I have $100 deductible on glass. If it can be fixed they cover it 100%.

Consider me a more knowledgeable man now. Thanks sincerely.
You can probably tell that I’ve never used it.

You can probably tell that I've never used it.

Unfortunately I’ve used mine more often then I wanted. The roads here near the boarder are always under construction.

Everything around Manchester and Hooksett is under construction right now too. It’s that time of year. The orange cones are in bloom and the cops are padding their pensions.

The way I read this thread, the windshield is not damaged…It’s the elastic seal that holds the windshield in place that is leaking…So to answer the OP’s question, yes, there are several products, sealers, that could be used to stop this water leak…Black RTV silicone should work. If there is a stainless trim strip bordering the glass, it should be removed before re-sealing…This can be a little tricky and that trim is expensive so maybe having a windshield shop do it would make sense…Their lack of interest stems from the fact this is a low-profit job and the only way they can guarantee it would be to remove the windshield (which usually breaks them) then clean and inspect the mounting flange for corrosion or damage and THEN install a new windshield on a fresh bed of adhesive. But if you know approximately where the leak originates, then it’s worth a try to reseal it yourself with a product made for that purpose…Something like this…

Caddyman, you may be correct. I read the post again and it does seem to point to the seal rather than the glass.

It might still be a good idea to have the windshield evaluated by a glass place like PPG, however. That bond is a part of the structure, and having it done properly is a safety issue IMHO. A weak bond could still undermine the crash protection.

You can’t buy PPG brand car windshields anymore

If you do, it’s old, remaining stock

The PPG glass division got sold, and the new owners call it PGW

If you know where the “crack” in the windshield weather strip actually IS… Just buy a tube of Windshield or “Flowable” Silicone gasket maker. As the name implies it is a silicone sealer type of gasket maker…that will Flow into cracks…unlike most other silicone based gasket makers.

I use the stuff all the time. Pep Boyz usually has it on the rack… Pretty simple concept…

If the windshield is cracked and the crack is in your line of sight…you must replace the glass… if the crack is not in your line of sight… you can live with it. Never seen a cracked windshield leak however. I think you said you saw a crack in the weatherstripping around the windshield…and if so…this product is basically made for that application.


@Caddyman nailed it. I had to ask my Autozone to order the sealer for me, but it is available. Since they are 1/4 mile away, I didn’t look any further. That’s all you need. It will seep into the leaky area and seal the leak. You might want to put an old towel or rags on your floor as it will leak through just like the water does now. More than one treatment may be needed. Easy, simple, do it yourself repair.

BTW, in my area there are several discount glass shops that will replace almost any windshield for under $125. If you need one, ask around. A crew of two will show up and be done and gone in 20-25 minutes. It’s almost like a dance.

The Flowable Silicon WIndshield gasket maker is on the shelf at Pep Boys daily…and it wont leak onto the floor by the time it sets up. Hey whatever works for ya in this instance