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Water sloshing noise under steering column

I have a 2004 Camry with 45K miles.

Recently there is a noise coming from under the steering column, and teh best I can describe it as water sloshing in a container.

This noise is only there when the car is started after being idle for several hours and is there for the first couple of turns and start/stops.

I checked the A/C water resrvoir and there was some water in there and I drained it but the noise is still there.

Any ideas??

Check to see if their is any plastic to plastic contact

Is there any kind of a sensor that the steering shaft passes through (at the bottom of the shaft, near the floor)

Your car has a AC water resivoir? Really no water should ever accumulate in the evaporator housing, is should be free to drain immeditally.

has anybody checked the heater core?

There might be air in the cooling system, and the noise you hear is the air bubbling through the heater hoses to/from the heater core under the dash.