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Water sloshing sound behind dash

Yesterday I bought a 2002 Chevy cavalier with a little over 66k miles. When I went to check it out it looked to be in good condition and drove well enough for a 17 year old car that I don’t intend on driving long distances, minus the fact that when it brakes it jerks and make this clicking noise in the rear when driving . After I brought it home and let it sit for about 8+ hours then started it up I noticed this sloshing sound behind the dash I hadn’t heard before. I thought it was just present when the car is on but it also does it if I rock the car while its off. I doubt its water as its freezing cold out and it probably would’ve frozen. Its a 2.2L 4 cyl if that helps at all. Guidance on finding and fixing the problem is welcome.

Jerking while braking indicates some loose suspension. The clicking may be related. This is something you must have checked out very soon. The first thing I’d check on the sloshing is the coolant level. Make sure to check it when engine is cold. Locate your washer fluid reservoir. Is it on the firewall? Have someone rock the car back and forth while you listen for the area where the sloshing comes from.


Sloshing makes me think that the AC evaporator drain is clogged.


Almost surely the cause of that noise.

OK, so I went out this morning and rocked the car from the outside and inside and I didn’t hear the sloshing anymore. So I’m guessing that jtsanders was correct and the A/C drain is clogged and my guess is the water that’s accumulated has frozen.

My next two questions are:

1.) If the drain is clogged could it be clogged with ice?

2.) How do I unclog it if it isn’t ice?

  1. Yes
  2. A length of Weed-Wacker plastic line can be snaked up the drain to clear it.