Gurgling noise in my '04 Camry

Happy Holidays folks!

I have a problem with my '04 Camry with 48k miles. Recently I started noticing a gurgling noise from under the steering column. Another description would be similar to a bubbles escaping the water. There are no leaks anywhere, inside or outside the car.

I took it to a trusted mechanic this morning and he couldn’t figure it out. Then I took it to the local Toyota dealer and they say its a leak in the water pump and its sucking air in and causing the noise. I’m skeptical of that explanation because the coolant level hasn’t changed.

I’m hoping someone can help me with this problem.



Gurgling in the cooling system is usually caused by air in the cooling system. How it got there is another question. Was there work done on any part of the cooling system; such as, a hose change, thermostat change, etc?
It’s possible the gurgling is happening somewhere else. A mechanic could find the source of the gurgling by using a hose and moving it about the engine, and listening.

Exact same thing with my '04 Camry. Coolant was low. Trusted independent mechanic reported probable leak on water pump seal, and suggested I take it to dealer, as it might be under warranty (check your Owner’s documents; it says in there somewhere how long the power train parts, incl water pump, are covered). Right on! Dealer changed the water pump under warranty.

Thanks Art1966.

I bought this car under certified used and have warranty till 100000 miles for powertrain. The dealer wasn’t sure if this was covered and is trying to find out. We tried calling the warranty people but no one was answering yesterday.

Since the dealers don’t seem to know what is covered by the mfr’s warranty, I went out to the car and got the “Owner’s Warranty Information” – one of the blue booklets that came with the Owner’s Manual. On page 9 it says that the power train, including the engine, including the water pump, is covered for 6 years or 60K miles.

BTW, my '04 Camry had only about 30K (hand me down from Dad) when the water pump leaked a few months ago.

Of course, if your leak is not the water pump then it might not be covered.