Water Problems

I am loosing water at a fair rate. Probably 1-2 gallons every 30 mils or so. I have replaced the radiator, the thermostat and all the hoses. I can see no water draining from anywhere. The water pump seems to be working fine, and there is no water in the oil or the tranny fluid. I don’t notice anything coming from the tail pipe either.

My dad said to replace the freeze plugs. I’m not sure what to do.

You need to have the cooling system pressure tested. Wherever the leak is, that will make it show up. Freeze plugs are often the most difficult part of a cooling system to replace, so I would make darn good and well they are needed before replacing them. This should be easy to figure out. That is a tremendous rate of loss for coolant.

And to add to mark’s remarks, pray it is not going into the engine due to an engine problem.