Transmission cooler issues

I have a 1997 Plymouth Voyager. The transmission cooler is inside the radiator and has developed a leak. The transmission slips in and out of gear (I know the cause of that is the diluted fluid). The fluid inside both the radiator and trans resembles a strawberry milkshake! My questions are, is the transmission done for, or can the trans and radiator be flushed and cleaned out? I’m also thinking I want to replace the trans cooler on the outside of the radiator. If I do that, should I just replace the radiator instead of trying to clean it out (since the old leaky cooler is still inside)?

I’ve had conflicting stories from several local mechanics and am looking for more clarification before I dump alot of money into a fix that doesn’t need to be done. Thanks!

What is the milage and general condition of this vehicule? Might not be cost effective to fix if the repair bill exceed the market value of the vehicule. A 21 year old Dodge Caravan might be worth $500.

It has just a little over 100,000 original miles on it. It is in great condition except for a little surface rust on the bottom of two doors. It has the 3.3L engine, which I’ve been told is the better engine they put in these things. It runs like a top with no other issues. I inherited it from my mom, who only drove it a couple times a week. Step dad was always on top of maintenance and kept every receipt!

If it was in poor condition with a mess of miles I’d just get rid of it. But with the condition it is in, I know I can get several more good years out of it.

You can drop the pan and a big fraction of the fluid will come out. How much crud can you see and remove? Put in a new trans filter while you’re at it.

Get a new radiator with built-in trans cooler. Simple and not so expensive. Drain and clean out as much fluid as you can from the hoses that connect to the trans.

There’s technique for running the engine with the trans cooler lines disconnected: one into a waste bucket, the other drawing in clean fluid. It’s described somewhere on the site, which specializes in Chrysler Corp. vehicles. I’ve found lots of help there with my 99 Voyager and current 07 Town and Country.

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I haven’t attempted to do anything yet. I wanted to get other opinions on whether or not this transmission will still be good even after draining and cleaning it all out. I’ve heard that some transmissions are done when antifreeze gets into them.

All transmissions are done when coolant gets into them. No amount of flushing will bring them back.