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Water in dashboard

When it rains, water collects in the dashboard of my 1996 Plymouth Voyager. I can hear the water sloshing around when I drive it and if I turn on the heater, I can hear the fan blades hitting the water. As I drive the car, the water drips out on the passenger side onto the floorboard. Also…the fan belt that drives everything tends to slip off. This is very un-nerving when I am driving. This only happens when it is has been raining and happens when I first begin to drive. It seems that the water is getting inside the hood. We have cleaned out the weather stripping around the windshield. We have replaced the tensioner on the fanbelt. Any ideas on what is going on?

There is supposed to be a splash shield under the belt, if you can’t get it from the dealer ,you can get it from a junkyard.The water that comes in the cowl should drain town the corners at the inside of the front fenders-clean the slots in the bottom of the front fenders near the door If the water is getting into the heater system it should go out the drain tube in the evaporator tray. Have a mechanic blow out the tube with compressed air.If it is actually slipping off instead of just slipping have a mechanic look for a misaligned pulley.

Thanks for your suggestions. While we had done most of what you mentioned, we realized that we had only cleared the drain tube on one side of the evaporator tray. We cleared the other side and it seems to have taken care of the problem. Since we are getting lots of rain right now, we have the opportunity to see if that did the trick. Thanks again.