Water on floor

I have a 2001 VW Jetta. I have it new since 2001. Recently, I found water(2"-3") on the floor of the rear passenger side after rain. It has been Twice already since Oct.30. I could not detect any leaks from door, window . If someone has had the same experience, could you share the remedies. thanks.

Does the vehicle have a moonroof? If so, you might want to check for clogged drains for the moonroof.


thanks for the reply.
yes, the car does have a sunroof. Where and how can i locate the drain which might be clogged ?

Open the roof, take vacuum cleaner and suck out all the debris from the seal channel. Look in the corners of the channel and there should be drain holes. Use compressed air or a length of string trimmer line to clear the drains.


I opened the sunroof did not see much debris but cleaned the channel as advised.
Took a while but finally I found the two drain holes and inserted string trimmer line into them. Tested and water came out in seconds. Cross my fingers, hope this is the problem origin. Thank you very much for your advice.