2004 VW Jetta Water Leak

When it rained heavily here Friday, the foot wells on the left side front and back filled up with water. I suspect the drain lines under the cowl are plugged, but can’t see them. The owner’s manual isn’t any help. Do I have the correct diagnosis? Any suggestions?

As I recall the Jetta has a drain that comes out on the firewall near the bottom of the car. String trimmer line or compressed air is good at clearing it out. Be careful however, even the sting trimmer line or the compressed air can damage your car if you are not careful.

If you have a sunroof add the drains for it as well. There should be four, one at each corner.

most Mk4 Jettas and Golfs are under a recall for this exact problem.i just had the procedure done on my '04 Golf.unfortunately,only the FRONT sunroof drains are covered on this recall;so,if your Jetta’s rear drains leak too,you’ve got a problem,there.
take it to a VW service place and let them check it out.it should take them about an hour to clean out and check your drain tubes.
also~inspect your roof afterwards! my car’s roof got scratched by the tech’s belt buckle/pants while he was standing on my door sills and leaning on the roof~(the Golf R32 has really fancy brushed aluminum door sill inserts.you’re NOT supposed to stand on them!)