Water leaking into my car passenger floorboard

I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris hatchback, and just a couple of days ago everytime I make a left hand turn it sounds like a waterfall under my dashboard. Also, it drips water into my passenger floorboard. My warranty just ran out so apparently I will have to deal with this myself, so what should I do?

Have you been using the AC lately?

Condensation that collects on the coils is supposed to drain via a drain tube out onto the ground. If the tube is plugged up it can drain onto the passenger floor. That’s probably what you’re experiencing.

It’s a cheap fix. Take it to any shop.

this is a 10 second fix after going up on a lift. on many cars, it can be done without a lift.

So… In what part of the world does a warranty on a 2007 car run out in 2008?

Maybe the OP exceeded the warranty mileage limit. (36,000 miles?)