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Passenger side leaks in floorboard when it rains

I am new and a female so bear with me if my words aren’t correct car talk. My 2007 Izuzu Ascender recently started leaking on the passenger side. I’ve pulled carpet back and I have traced the water up to the point where it is coming down the wall beside the dash, but that is as far as I can see water. There has been no repair work on my vehicle prior to the leaking. I’ve tried to narrow it down to 3 possible things. Gap at top of windshield slightly larger than driver side, or black molding around window is tore (been that way for 2 yrs tho) or gap at bottom of windshield under cowl grille. I was told there was a drain hole that may be clogged located behind cowl grille. Where would this be located? anything else I can check?

On the firewall in the engine compartment there is a drain for your air conditioner, that maybe plugged. Usually you can see it under the hood. Some cars must be done from below.

Will this leak if I have not been running my A/C? have only run my defroster for the past couple weeks.

Besides a plugged a/c drain, there are some other possibilities:
-plugged drain in the air inlet at the base of the windshield
-leaking windshield seal
-plugged drain in the passenger door causing water to leak into the car
-plugged sun roof drain if you have a sun roof

The a/c runs when the defroster is on.


If the AC drain is clogged, rainwater can collect in it and overflow into the passenger side floor. I have had it happen twice in car washes.

Pour water on the right side of the windshield and see if it leaks into the vehicle. If the A/C drain were plugged the water would drip from the HVAC housing, not the A-pillar.

thanks for all the responses. I will be trying them over the next few days, of course it started to rain right after I posted so will check in between rains. Will report if I locate.

I had a similar sort of leak on my truck caused by a leak at the top of the windshield seal. Given mine is an ancient truck, I effected a repair using some paraffin wax and a hair blower. Hasn’t leaked since. the advice above to run water over the windshield and roof gutter areas while looking w/a flashlight below is where I’d start. I used a garden sprinkler on top of the roof.

How would you know if the leak is at the top or bottom or HVAC air intake ?

In that case the leak was the seal running along the top of the windshield.