Water leak

2005 saturn l300 water leak and pools driver side flooring. have removed carpet and sound cushion from flooring. used garden hose to find leak source w/o luck. it has rained twice w/o leaks.

If your car has a sliding roof, it may be water draining into your car rather than to the ground. In that case the drain would be plugged. If no sliding roof, the water most likely comes from above, not splashed from the ground up. I had a Dodge long ago where the air intake box was corroded, and the water cam through there.

Another area for water intrusion is the drain from the air conditioner. If that’s plugged, you will also get water into your car, but it won’r be a gusher.

Could be the drain for the AC is blocked or heater core. If it’s the drain it will have no smell. If it’s the heater core it will smell like antifreeze.