Water leak

There is water in the well where the doughnut is, the inside of the car is dry. The warranty for leaks expired in October.

It is 2007.

The most likely places for water to get in are the trunk lid seal and the seals around lights. Get in the trunk with a flashlight and have a friend hose down the trunk.

Check for debris along the gasket at the top of the hatch. The hatch/trunk area of my wife’s 06 Sienna was soaked after a Nor’easter last week. There was a layer of debris on the top inside of the hatch (acorns, twigs, etc.). The hatch gasket is rather thin in this area, I’m guessing there was enough debris to break the seal and let the water in. The hatch gasket on our 98 Windstar was much thicker and we never had a problem with leakage.

I’m not a 100% sure this was the cause of the Sienna leak, but I’ll be checking after every rain for now.

Also, lift up the mat in the wheel well to check for any missing body plugs.

Ed B.