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Leak in delSol

Our '93 delSol has somewhere/somehow collected water which sloshes when

the car enters a turn. My guess is there is some way to relieve this

water to deter rusting but have no idea where to look. Any suggestions

would be welcomed.

it could be in the door. go look on the bottom of the door you will see slots on the under side of the door one on each side they may be plugged?? run something in these slots and see if the water comes out. hope that"s where the sound is coming from . it happen to me good luck

If the noise seems to come from the dash area, the outside fresh air vent drains may be plugged or the A/C drain is plugged.

Shove a long piece of heavy gauge weed whacker line down the tubes.

There are drain holes all over cars . . . you have just got to find the ones which have become blocked. Do it sooner than later . . . rust never sleeps. The advice from Roadrunner is great . . . plastic weed whacker line (heavy stuff) will work and won’t scratch the interior of the body panel. I’d start by finding a quiet place, like in your garage, and pushing on the car to make the water slosh around, then try to locate it from the sound. Rocketman

Thank you for all responses. I plan to check the door panels when I see the car (my wife’s pride and joy) this PM. The sloshing sound, however, seems to be coming from behind the seats. Has anyone experienced leakage with the rear window? Can water accumulate below this window? Are there plugs beneath this area? Is there a diagram which may locate all drain holes? Thanks again

Just an idea from personal experience…my 1996 Dodge Neon leaks water through the tail light gaskets, and other people’s Neons have leaked from the rear window seal and trunk gasket. One place to look is your spare tire well, if you have one. Water sometimes accumulates in mine. My rear seats get damp, and I’ve heard that the leaking window/trunk can also cause water to pool on the floor by the rear seats.

Thanks for the suggestion but the trunk and spare wheel well are dry as a bone as is the interior carpeting. The water is in the frame of side panels I am sure.

I saw no hint of plugs in the door bottoms or under the rear window area. Assume a Honda dealer would know where these might be? When asked if they could help find source of sloshing, I felt they were not interested in doing any research as it would be much too time consuming. Plugs would have been an easy suggestion for them so apparently the delSol has none? Don