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Water in the right front floor

i have a dodge Dakota and there is water that leaks into the front right passenger side when I run the AC any suggestions other than not running air?

There is a rubber tube that comes out of the evaporator compartment and through the firewall. It is the AC drain.

When you are running your AC, you are blowing warm moist air across the evaporator coils located under the dash in a compartment next to the blower motor. As the warm moist air blows over the cold evaporator coils, the moisture in the air condenses. It drains down to the bottom of the compartment where it is supposed to exit through the drain, but if the drain gets clogged up, and they do every couple of years, the water accumulates until it starts leaking around the compartment seam and onto your floor.

Open you hood, look on the firewall on the passenger side near the bottom. You should see this tube. You can blow some compressed air into the tube or use something flexible and stick up the tube. As soon as you punch through the obstruction, you will see a steady stream of water coming out of it.

Yeah, it’s the drain. This is a common problem, especially in summer. Happens to nearly everyone sooner or later.

thanks! i appreciate your help. larry