Leakage from under engine

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota w/ a 3.9L V6. When I run the A/C, I get a leak on the passenger side floor. Since I don’t run the A/C that often, I like to substitute w/ the defrost instead. Now I’m getting a leak from under the engine, even when I only run the defrost. Is there a drain that might be plugged?

Yep, evaporator drain is plugged. When in the DEFROST mode, the A/C works too.

You can try shoving a stiff weed trimmer plastic rope down the tube to remove the blockage.

You’re SUPPOSED to get a “leak” under the engine on the passenger side of the firewall. That’s where the condensate drain is. This will happen when defrost is used (unless it is cold outside) because the a/c compressor engages so the air is dehumidified.

Are you still getting a wet passenger footwell? If so, the drain is partially clogged, as Roadrunner said.

Thanks guys. I’ll find that drain tube & shove that rope til it begs for mercy, or at least til it drains!

I realise what you’re saying here, but being overly aggressive while cleaning these rubber/plastic drains can be detrimental.

I had the same problem with my truck. My wife would complain about cold water splashing on her feet. There is a rubber drain on the passenger side firewall. Usually just squeezing the tube is enough to open it back up. I drive on quite a few dusty roads and about every two years this happens. Pretty easy to fix. best of luck.

OK, exactly where is this drain? I’ve felt under the dash & can’t find anything resembling that? Can you give me an approximation of its’ location (inches from firewall, middle of where the passenger sits or to the left or right) & how far up? Am I to assume I gotta lay on my back on the floor (which is till wet) to get to this hose/drain? Thanks, -Lugnuttz

The drain is outside the vehicle. Look under the vehicle behind the right side tire. There should be a rubber tube pointing towards the ground from the firewall. That’s the condensate drain.


I have searched like crazy & cannot find this drain! Even got out my creeper & put the truck up on the ramps, but I still can’t find it. Any other suggestions?

Yes, try a Dakota-specific board. I have never visited one, but I bet there are a dozen active ones.

On some vehicles the drain hose is hidden behind the inner wheel well cover next to the firewall.

I’m not sure this applies to your vehicle though.

You may well have to search the suggestion B&B made to you.

I’ll take a look at my '99 Dakota (same body style) when I gat a chance.