Water As Fuel For Gasoline Powered Cars?

Hello, I just recently installed a hydrogen booster on my car. I have seen about a 20% increase in MPG with a minimal system setup. I have heard of people getting up to 60% increase. Do you think it’s possible to run your car compleatly on (H2O) Hydroxy on demand?

Water has a lot of important uses, however…

my bet is…no.

Just in case I’m incorrect, post the solution here so I can switch all my vehicles to water. This would solve our energy problems. Gee, I wonder why nobody has come up with this, yet?

Since the 20% mpg improvement that you report is not possible, this is either an attempt to market this scam or a hallucination on your part.

If you are really an “ordinary consumer” who bought one of these kits, then unfortunately you have wasted your money.

If you are trying to market this scam, please go away.

An even better idea…

How about switching completely to milk with Hydrox cookies on demand !