Water and gas fuel combustion devices

there are some sites that are saying you can greatly increase your gas mileage using conversion kits that use electricity from the battery to convert water to HHO which can then burn with gasoline without damaging the car… Two are named “RunYourCarWithWater”, and “Water4Gas” … are these for real?? How good are they???

They are good enough to convince fools to part with their money. That’s all that’s necessary.

Totally bogus. I think you are # 1687 to ask the question. At least you did not fall for it.

Ask yourself these questions:

*Do automakers compete with each other for sales?

*Isn’t each automaker eager for some competitive edge over its rivals?

*If one auto company (pick one–Toyota, Ford, GM, Honda, etc.) had this technology, wouldn’t it give them an incredible competitive edge?

*Therefore, if this technology actually exists, wouldn’t one of the auto companies have bought the patent and made this their own exclusive feature?

If you have answered these questions honestly, then you have explained to yourself why this so-called technology does not make sense.

Selling this ridiculous “technology” to one sucker at a time via the internet might be somewhat lucrative, but it pales in comparison to the money that would result from selling it to an auto manufacturer. However, the auto companies are not interested in this modern day version of alchemy simply because they know that it is BOGUS.

Waste your money if you wish, but don’t say that you weren’t warned.

Ask yourself, what’s the chemical formula for water? If you can answer that, you’ll see how stupid this proposal is.

If you can’t, well, I’m sorry… As for my opinion on this product, search for similar posts. Seems people keep deleting my posts when I say what I think of the product…

If you spray a lit match with the mist from a spray bottle of gasoline, you’ll burn your house down.

If you spray a lit match with the mist from a spray bottle of water, the match will go out. Always.

It’s a myth that water will improve combustion. Selling the idea is a scam.

Consider this. The internal combustion engine is about 25% efficient i.e. 25% of the energy available in the fuel burned is turned into mechanical energy. Let’s say that you take 5% of that 25% to produce the electricity to disassociate the water into HHO. When that is burned in the engine 25% X 5% of the energy is returned in mechanical work, i.e. 1.25%. This yields a net efficiency of 21.5%. Not a gain but a loss. Another way to look at this is if the entire output of the engine were used to produce the HHO it ran on, it would shortly run out of the initial kinetic energy it started with leaving only waste heat. Any other outcome would be a ‘perpetual motion’ machine.

well say what you will, but I’ve been running my 16 year old Chev van on a home-made HHO generator now for four weeks on the same $20 worth of gas, which was only 5 gallons at $4/gallon…the car has more pep, is a little quieter, i.e. less clacking from the old valve train…I’m thoroughly happy with the result and recommend it to anyone to try. Incidentally, I constructed the thing out of some this-and-that I had around the house, and a couple things from Ace Hardware - totla cost: about $6 (yes SIX BUCKS, U.S.) My name is Mark email me: wrinkledoggi@yahoo.com

How far have you driven the vehicle on that $20 of gas? I can run my car on $4 of gas for three months - if I never go more than 1 mile every couple weeks.