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Water 4 Gas

With the high gasoline prices, I am looking for an alternative for my daily 140 mile commute to work.

In the web and a few nights ago on TV, I saw something that could be economical and easy to implement (?Run your car on water? and ?Water 4Gas?)?.. my question is how reliable are these systems, since I have not seen any serious reviews from any of the respectable Auto-magazines in my search through Google, everything done on the web is from reviewers that I do not know how reliable they are?

Do you know if any of these systems work or is it just another scam?

Thank you,

Domingo Gonzalez

Consider it a scam until you see an unimpeachable reviewer that says it works. Someone like the US Department of Energy or a local government. And insist on a detailed report that shows how it was evaluated. These guys do not make money off saying it works; they have other agendas.

Back in the early west days, when men carried a pistol on their side and rode horses to get around, traveling salesmen would sometimes come into town and sell some ‘Magic Snake Oil’ to folks. It was guaranteed to help with most any problem you had. People would buy the product and the salesman would move on to the next town for more sales. Nowadays, salesmen can use 800 numbers and the internet to sell their wares. If folks could still pack guns around today then there just might be a few less snake oil salesmen around now. Sorry, I am getting carried away here but I guess you see my point.

Automotive engineers rack their brains at night trying to come up with a way to get 1 extra MPG out of a gallon of gas. If there was a reasonable way to do it I think they would use it.

With the high gasoline prices, I am looking for an alternative for my daily 140 mile commute to work.

Then shorten your commute.

there was a TV show a few years ago… hmm let me try to remember the name of it… oh yeah, it was, “Just Shoot Me.”

Please. enough with the 'tupid questions. think about it. if it was to really work, would it not be installed on EACH and EVERY auto out there?

AS PT Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”

When AMC introduced the Gremlin in the 1970s, they called it a “commuter car”. You could get it barebones with a small 6 engine, and 4 speed manual. The mileage was much better than other US compacts and almost as good as some imports, without the noise and discomfort.

If you can’t shorten your commute, I would get a small 4 cylinder, manual transmission econobox, such as the Yaris, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent or Nissan Versa. If you can find a good Volkswagen diesel that might also be very cost-effective.

Modifying your existing vehicle won’t produce any savings with any add-ons, especially fraudulant products sold to a gullible public.

Another person with only one post, and it’s asking about this scam. What a coincidence!