Washer for throttle body gas inlet 1989 chevy k1500

Help! I had to buy a rebuilt throttle body for my truck and what should’ve been as simple as tightening 3 bolts has turned into a nightmare. I desperately need the “plastic” looking washers that go on the ends of the male fuel “inlets” that screw into the throttle body. Gas is leaking all over. The only place I have found them is in a rebuild kit for $$$$. I only need two lousy washers. Anyone have any idea of where I could get them without paying an arm and a leg? I don’t even know if the truck will run when I get the throttle body back on it, already wasted a ton of money! Thanks

It surely would help if you let everyone know what you’ve tried already. Those will probably be the first 10 suggestions you get.

I have a local NAPA store where the employees are really parts people - it was once something less of a corporate chain & when it went under the NAPA name all the people stayed the same. So its not populated by a bunch of minimum wage lackeys who don’t know anything. So whenever I need something weird like that I just bring an old one there - or the part I need it for, or whatever. That’s what you need - a real parts store with actual auto parts professionals.

Is it safe to assume that you have been to GM looking for this?

You didn’t say which engine but I think you are going to have to be a little more precise in the description of what you need. You have the old ones? You went to a dealer, took it to NAPA to try and match? A tune up shop that does injector work, etc.

If you are talking about the rubber O ring on the end of the fuel line, go to Rockauto.com and look at the fuel line repair kit for $7 that has both ends and the O rings or the gasket kit with all the parts. Ace Hardware has tons of O rings but not sure if they would stand up to fuel. Google the O ring store that sells tons of O rings, etc. But I just can’t believe a dealer doesn’t have a bin of O rings if that’s what it is.

Thanks for trying to help. Sorry I wasn’t more specific. It’s an 1989 Chevy k1500, 5.7. Actually what I needed (need) are two gaskets that go on the ends of the fuel inlet nuts that screw into the throttle body. They are flat, plastic looking “washers” (gaskets) that more or less snap on the end to make a seal. Unfortunately they aren’t o-rings, I have those. I have contacted auto parts stores, the local dealer, numerous repair shops and haven’t had any luck. I even asked the dealer if I could just go ahead and get replacement “nuts”. Yeh, well they were $40 bucks each! Needless to say, I didn’t get them. Next stop is the local junk yard. Can’t believe I can’t get a .50 part for less than $10. Anyway, thanks for trying. I’m sure I’ll be back here soon looking for more answers! lol

Well, since you already invested in the rebuilt TB, and now your truck is sitting dead, at what point do you spend the $80 for the two parts to put your vehicle back on the road?

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and press on.

I would try a salvage yard

Rock auto has a repair kit for your truck for $7+ that includes a section of line, a new nut and washer.

“Rock auto has a repair kit for your truck for $7+ that includes a section of line, a new nut and washer.”

Yep, That’s what I said or they have the OH kit for $35 that sure looks like it has the parts, but he said no.

I’m not familiar off the top of my head with exactly what they look like but it sounds like you’re describing nylon washers.

You might check with a home improvement store such as Lowes or Home Depot. In their hardware section they have a display of bins with assorted widgets and they do carry an assortment of nylon washers. I’ve purchased washers from them before to use as various seals on fuel injection.

Pretty sure they’re teflon but nylon might be OK. What happened to the originals? Who made the replacement TB? Have you called them? They’re officially called “fuel nut washers” when you look or speak to someone about them. Some speed shops carry them that sell performance TBI units for retrofit. Personally I’d just make some, the shipping will be 3x the cost of the parts. Brief search found some for 6 ea $1.50 but wasn’t positive they fit that year. Call would confirm.