Issue with part for Ford Focus 2005

My dealership says it cannot get the part-the “Throttle Body” -until mid-January 2011. Does anybody have any info where this part either new or used can be found. The engine is a 2.0 Duratec. Thx

Find another Ford dealer. They vary wildly in terms of the quality of their parts departments, in my experience. I had one in town once tell me it would be at least a month before they could get a brake rotor shield in. Another got it for me in about 16 hours.

Otherwise, call a few junkyards. The one near my office has 1 Focus listed in stock with that engine. It doesn’t take that much damage to total a 5 year old compact, so they aren’t that hard to find in junkyards for salvaging parts.

You can also try: - nationwide network of junkyards. Great site.

eBay is often a good option as well.

Out of curiosity, why do you need a new throttle body? Its not a common thing to have a problem with. Are you sure the diagnosis is correct? Or maybe it just got damaged somehow?

Thanks-I got the same story from another Ford dealer. However I found 3 used parts places in just 2 mins on the web that have the used part! Why couldn’t Ford do the same???

Dealers usually will not use used parts.
Ford’s been having some electronic throttle body production problems for a little while now.

It’s a throttle by wire setup. The throttle body in this case includes the servo motor and such. It is complicated enough to fail sometimes. I’ve also seen a number of them falsely diagnosed as faulty when the real problem was one or more marginal ignition coils causing electrical noise that confused the PCM.

The Ford dealer is putting in a used part todat and I will keep my fingers crossed. I have 14600 miles on the car right now.

I have 14600 miles on the car right now.

Is that all? Did you mean 146,000 miles?

Yes, 146000 miles!