Can you identify this part? 🙏

Hi :raising_hand_woman:t3:,

I spent hours trying to search eBay (and others) for this part but couldn’t find it…
Any help will be highly appreciated :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I see the, Throttle body, Injectors, Injector connectors, Fuel pressure regulator, Air cleaner stud.
Second photo has many more parts.

It’s a throttle body, make, model, and year would help.

Do a search with “GM tbi injector clip”

Ed B.

Start your search on a site whose sole purpose is to sell auto parts… Like RockAuto

The part is this, or something close to it since you didn’t give us a year or engine type and size:

It is a Thingy hooked to a whatchicallit that causes something to happen .


Thank you for your help! greatly appreciated :hugs:!

Not very smart of me indeed. -
Here’s all the details that I have: GMC G1500 1995 4.3L

I think the broken part is the plastic thingy inside the rings. what is that?

Those are the fuel injector pig tail connectors.



Somebody used a zip tie to hold it together, a big no-no. If it’s just the plastic part you’re asking about, @Tester nailed it, rockauto has them (“fuel injector connector”) for $9-$21 each.

Why exactly are you asking about it?

If sounds you have most the info you were seeking OP. fyi, I’ve used the Google image search function for this sort of thing. Google is able to search the internet, looking for an image that looks like your input image. It’s a pretty useful technique sometimes. If interested, search for Google image match search, something like that. Seems to work best if you upload input image from jpg stored on your computer.

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