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Washer Fluid Velocity

A recent caller who’s window washer fluid stream did not squirt high enough up the window was told by Ray to pinch the hose to increase the pressure (like a garden hose).

I don’t think this can work unless you were able to constrict the very end (like a garden hose)as soon as the fluid gets by the constriction the velocity and pressure will drop again.

What the heck am I missing here???

You are correct, I think ray slept through fluid dynamics 101. The nozzle is designed to reduce the area and increase the velocity of the fluid, restricting the upstream hose will not affect the final velocity at the nozzle. You can’t fool Mr. Bernoulli.

                            "You can't fool Mr. Bernoulli."

or his principles!

i would think the nozzles are clogged, and need cleaning out. i have had good luck using a sewing needle to clean out the corrosion, or debris.