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2006 Toyota Highlander - Waxy build up

How do you remove wax and other buildup from the windshield? Every so often I take my car to a car wash. I do NOT have them apply any wax or anything else, just a plain wash. I guess there is a wax builduo from previous washed and it gets on the windshield. I have tried so many glass cleaners etc. I have used vinegar and water, etc. Nothing works. I have read using paint thinner, or mineral spirits might work. Or a product called Ditzler (sp) made by 3m might work. What would your suggestions be??

A scouring powder by the name of Bon Ami works very well. As does other brands of non-scratching powders. It will not scratch glass but it will scratch paint soooo…

Put a dusting of powder on a damp towel and rub into the glass in a circular, overlapping motion. Cover the complete windshield. Wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove the residue. Clean with your normal window cleaner. Add a coat of Rain-X to help prevent wax buildup. That always works for me.

Ammonia will remove wax from glass, I would follow with a dish detergent. Not a dishwasher detergent.

Have you replaced your wiper blades? They may be contaminated. Do it at the same time you clean the windshield.