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Was the shop trying to take me?

Just got back from an oil change and the shop recommended, but I declined, an Oil System Flush. He showed me some of my oil on a little sample thingy with some fluids on it (sorry, that’s the best description I can think of) and my oil was dirty. I have pretty much kept up with the intervals of oil changes perscribed, every three months, give a few weeks a couple of times. This shop has done all of my oil changes with the exception of the first one, which I had done at the dealer. This is an '09 Hyundai Accent with just over 15k on it. And, of course, I forgot to check my owners manual when I drove off, which I will do. I really think he was just trying to get more $ from me. What do you all say?

It sounds to me like you’re changing your oil more than necessary, which is not a bad thing for your vehicle, but it is making that shop some money. An oil system flush on a 2009 vehicle is really just a not so cleverly disguised wallet flush.

Is this one of those ‘Oil Changers’ or ‘Jiffy Lube’ shops?

Sounds like one.

Oil is supposed to look dirty after a month or so. Oil in a Ford used to always be cleaner looking than GM oil. Anyway, most oil will look dirty and it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with the engine.

It’s a nice way to make money but you still don’t know if you saw the actual color of your oil.

most flushes do only one thing; flush the wallet of the person agreeing to have it done.

My daughter is away at college with our 2009 Cobalt. It was due for it’s first oil change, and I told her to get 'er done. She asked if she could go to JL and I said sure, as long as you do a few things:

  1. Check for puddles under the car before driving off.
  2. Check the oil level to make sure it was filled correctly.
  3. Say no to everything else they try to sell you.
  4. Make sure the oil cap is secured.

She texted me about an hour ago and said they tried to sell her everything under the sun, and she said NO.

I’m a proud Pop right now… My girl, the motorhead. OK, it’s a start, but a good one!

That’s what I thought. It was a Meineke/Econo Lube place. They didn’t try to sell me the one thing I actually needed: some new wipers.

Thanks to all.

If they did a good job on the oil change, it’s OK to go back, as long as you remain in charge. I use Jiffy Lube for my oil changes, and I always check the air filters and fluid levels before I go in. I’ve gone to this place for so long, that they know not to ask too many questions. You just have to train them. I’m not sure about Meineke/Econo Lube, but many JLs are franchises, like the one I go to. The do good work, despite a high turnover rate. Just like any other business, the person running it is more important than the name on the store front.

Check out O’Reilly auto parts. I see they have a rebate on selected wiper blades. May be a good time to change out.

Thanks for the tip Jayhawk. That is one thing that I can actually do by myself. Well, of course I do know how to check the belts, hoses and oil and a/t fluid as well. Just haven’t ventured under the hood yet. Gotta get on that.