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2009 Subaru Outback

Hey guys! I have a question about a whistling noise coming from my 2009 Subaru Outback. When I am on the interstate at higher speeds (like 80 mph or so) my care makes a high-pitched whistle or whirring sound. I have considered that it might be as simple as the roof rack (factory with no spoiler). What do you guys think? It does not really sound like it is in the mechanics of the car itself, but since I have not heard this sound with any other cars I have had with roof racks, I have begun to doubt my judgement on this.

I was on the site trying to figure out a rattle from the underside, (thinking it is a heat shield) and trying to find an easy fix I can do myself when I read a discussion concerning a whistle on an 01 Outback.

Could be a body plug has fallen out or maybe damage to the door rubber.

The noise could be from the roof rack, but it is just as likely to be coming from one of the windows.
Because Subarus of that vintage have frameless door windows, it is possible for a window to get out of alignment–especially if any of your passengers is in the habit of pushing on the glass, rather than on the door, when closing the door from the outside.

Subaru dealers have a specific method of snugging up the glass against its door seals. You might want to ask your local dealer to give this a try.