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Was Car Talk hacked?

I received the following email, sent via Car Talk. Did anyone else receive something similar?

February 16

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@cdaquila: I strongly suggest that susanaevlyn19_173976 be blocked from this forum.

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You might want to edit out the link, don’t want folks clicking it.

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I got one, too. This poster clearly has an agenda to drive traffic to this website and should be ignored.

Didn’t take any hacking… Just create a login and post and send messages to the regulars.

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Morning. I deleted Ms Susana about an hour or two ago. Were you emailed (from an mailing address) or was it a notification of a private message that was also sent to your email?

May seem I’m splitting hairs, but sending private messages vs actually managing to get a cartalk email would require two different responses.

Sorry for the trouble. Remember the Korean ad days? That was wild.



This was the header on the email that I received:
Susanaevlyn19 via Car Talk Community

Interestingly, it only appeared in my home email, and not as a notification on the Car Talk page.

I actuallly got both… a green dot on the CarTalk site letting.know rhere was a message and an email as well. That may be my settings doing the email.

OK, thanks @VDCdriver and @Mustangman. That does make sense. When it’s coming via discoursemail, it’s a notification of a private message or tagging. Her account has been deleted, so there should be nothing more from her. If she has any colleagues who decide to show up, we will deal with them accordingly.

Normally, I get both, but in this case there was no “green dot” on the Car Talk page.
Only an email to my home email address.

I received this via e-mail. I wanted to check the topic but got a header that stated “Oop’s, this page doesn’t exist or is private.”

At the bottom of the e-mail it states: "Visit message (instead of topic) (in red box, like most e-mails from Car Talk) or reply to (and listed 5 users on the Car Talk forums, including myself and several others, including this Susana person)

A agree that this Susana person should be blocked from this forum, although that won’t stop he/she/it from creating another username and continuing to do this sort of thing.

Thanks. If you got the Oops! message that shows her account and posts are gone.

Yes, @VDCdriver , I find that the notifications aren’t foolproof and at times I have not gotten the dot and missed a PM, which is embarrassing when I do catch it. And so on, with emails.

I too received an email through the site from the spammer, but ignored it once I saw the content.

Thank you @cdaquila for keeping the site running and keeping us “safe.”


You guys have all they luck. I didn’t get it here or at home.

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Must be one sleazy company to advertise this way. Companies that advertise this way are either desperate or a total scam or both. No legitimate company advertises this way.


Spammed, not hacked. People earn money by getting clicks.

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