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Warranty on passive restraint

does anyone know the federal regs regarding warranty on passive restraint systems. im having trouble on the passenger side airbag on my 08 boxster and i would like it to be covered by warranty. i read online in motor trend the federal regs are 5/50000, but i can’t verify it, can anyone help me?

attached is the federal bible. If this doesn;t lead you to it, it ain’t required.

Some car manufacturers go beyond Federal requirements with warranty coverage for safety-related equipment. Subaru comes to mind, with its lifetime seatbelt coverage.
What does it say in your Owner’s Manual, regarding warranty coverage?

(Hint: The manual should be sitting in your glove compartment)

The manual does not specifically mention a separate warranty for passive restraint. The warranty was for four years and now expired. The extended warranty does not cover it.