2011 Subaru Forester - Electrical stuff not working

The alarm to warn the driver to fasten seat belt does not work—only the passenger side functional. Is that a safety feature that would be covered for repair under warrantee?a few months earlier the fog lights stopped functioning as well.

Eight year old car—I doubt warranty would cover it, but why not call the dealer service department?
Fog lights—Have you checked the fuse?

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The seat belts have a life time warranty however the electrical components associated with the seat belts are not covered. This is from the warranty guide;

Seat Belt Lifetime Limited Warranty

SEAT BELT COVERAGE lasts for the useful life of the vehicle and includes seat belts and related components which fail to function properly during normal use.

This warranty does not apply to cosmetic appearance, such as color fading, when the seat belts function properly. Coverage also excludes any electrical related components or body anchor points.

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