Is the 1999 Honda Civic, with 92k miles, SRS warranted by the company or by the Federal DOT?


What does the warranty section of the Owner’s Manual state? I doubt that the Federal Government has any responsibility for repairing something that you bought from a profit-making corporation, but as with so many other car-related issues, the truth lies in your Owner’s Manual.


seatbelts yes, SRS no, and that depends on manf. its an option (well not so much these days) I can’t fail a car for insp with the SRS light on,as the name implies it’s suplimental (spell check) in addition to ,the seatbelts.


The airbag system was warranteed by Honda for (probably) 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever came first. Time has run out for you.

The federal government insisted certain standards had to be met by all manufacturers but provided no warranty.

So if you are having a problem with the SRS, the cost of repairs must come out of your own pocket. No one else can be forced to pay.


Thank you for the information–the auto manual is gone and she had no information regarding this matter. She is suppose to go to a Honda dealer today.



The federal government DOES HOWEVER force the manufacturers to put on warranties…like they did for emissions and seatbelts.