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Warranty coverage for warped rotors?


Does anyone know if dealerships will cover warped rotors under the factory warranty? I have a '11 F-150 Ecoboost with rotors that started to warp at around 17,000 miles. I don’t brake hard and don’t ride the brakes when going on long downhills. Thanks!

Ask them, but I’d be absolutely amazed if they covered it. Brakes are considered normal wear items, and manufacturer warrantys don;t cover them.

I don’t care what standard production model you own…I guarantee you I can warp any rotors in less then 100 miles. Braking hard down a long hill and hitting a cold puddle of water can do it.

12 k was our warranty.

Sometimes Dealers Will Warranty Something That Is Ordinarily Considered A Wear Item, Even Though Wear Items Are Usually Excluded From Warranty.

Dealers have the power to “goodwill” something like this in order to keep/win customer loyalty. If the service department gives you no satisfaction then you could discuss it with your sales person or dealer general manager/principal/owner. You could also ask the service mangaer to arrange a meeting with the regional service/parts representative.

Since you’ve used the brakes for 17,000 (+) miles I don’t think it would be unfair to expect you to pay a portion of the brake job.


I might add that a brake shudder does not always mean the rotors are warped. An alignment issue, sticky caliper slide, loose wheel bearing or suspension component can also do it.
In a few very rare cases I’ve seen a brake shudder caused by a defective tire.

If the rotors are indeed warped that’s also something that can be easily verified with no guesswork.

With the age of the truck and low mileage, my gut feeling is that warranty would probably step in and take care of the problem.