HHR, car far from par

Hello people! If I think my rotors are causing my steering wheel to shake, is there anything I can tell the mechanics to get them to check them instead of them telling me its the brakes and putting $$ in the pockets?

(Because I would have to pay for brakes, the car is still under warranty.)

Your rotors are part of your brakes. And they’re probably not going to be covered under warranty. My guess is that if you thought they would, if you had truely low miles on the car, you would have put that in your post.


Whoops, I replied without having seen your other post. That’s what happens when you post twice.

With 12,000 miles I’d argue the point with them. Technically they may not be covered, but IMHO the rotors should not be warped that early.

this is what

and it is difficult to give answers in such a disjointed fashion.

i am sure if you go to the service advisor and ask in such a disjointed way you would get a worse reply (that would cost you MUCH MORE)

yeaaah, what does IMHO stand for?

oooh. Thank you!

In My Humble Opinion

It sounds like a warped rotor problem and this often points to driving habits or conditions. Warranty seldom pays for a brake fault like this. I’ve seen a number of cars with less miles than this that had the brakes run off of them. Not saying that’s the case here at all; just pointing out a fact.

I don’t know exactly what kind of problem you’re wanting someone to recommend in an attempt to bypass the obvious.
Hit the dealer up and ask about warranty coverage. Keep it polite and you might get lucky. Or not.

i guess im being a wuss not wanting to go into the shop cause i know theyll probably just blame it on me. Always me. blah blah blah. I need a sandwich.

What’s in a usersname? I wonder if it was bologna & cheese or peanut butter & jelly?

In this case, it probably is you. Rotors and pads are easy to change. You could do it yourself. But have the pads replaced at the same time and just do the front first. Oh, and since this is not warranty work you can get it done anywhere, not just at the dealer.